Baptism is the sign God gives to mark out his people. The water is like a badge, a uniform or a wedding ring, showing that we belong to Jesus Christ. God promises forgiveness of sin and new life to everyone whom he has adopted into his family.

When an infant is baptised, Jesus claims them to belong to him. Parents and godparents declare their own faith and promise to teach their child what it means to live for Jesus. They commit to bringing them to church and helping them to grow in faith and understanding.

Some parents want to thank God for the gift of their child, but don’t feel comfortable affirming their faith or making the serious commitments involved in baptism. They often prefer a Service of Thanksgiving where we thank God, pray for, and bless the child.

Sometimes people who were not baptised as infants come to faith in Jesus as teenagers or adults. Jesus calls them to be baptised as a sign of belonging to him. We are delighted to baptise people of any age who are willing to commit themselves to the Lord.

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