Church Wardens

Chris Buckett

I have been attending St. Mary’s from the age of four in 1964. In 1966 at 7 1/2 I joined the church choir which I enjoyed until 1981.

In 1978 I joined the PCC, and later became a sides person. In 2001 I was elected to the position of Church Warden, a post I still hold, and very much enjoy. Also in 1991 I was appointed treasurer as there was no one who wanted the job, again a position I really enjoy.

Over the years I have been active in the restoration of the Tower in 2004 and partial reroofing in 2005, as well as a hands on person with general church maintenance, as well as coordinating skilled trades people for the jobs we can’t do ourselves.

Barbara Mary Park Winder

Born in Cheshire. Married William E. Park Winder, a Headmaster, founder of Cowes High School, and was his wife for 46 years until his death in 2009.

Trained as a teacher under Manchester University, Taught in Leicester in a large Junior school for three years. Completed 29 years of teaching, 26 of which were at Cowes Primary School, was head of Early Years, Music and Language.

Has been associated with St. Mary's church since arriving on the Island in 1966, Both her twin daughters were Baptised at St Mary’s. Confirmed and married in the Church.

4th year as Warden at St. Mary's Church, plus Secretary to the PCC, Co-ordinator for Church flowers, committee member of the Friends of St Mary’s and Social Committee.